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Hello everyone,
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Subject: Current Affairs
Month: September(2nd week)
Our Courses:
Find out all the perks that you can get under this plan 
About upscexamnotes
Upscexamnotes is a Digital Platform for UPSC Exam PREPARATION, especially for Civil Services Examination (IAS) and (IES).
Upscexamnotes brings all the Elements and Resources in One Place that Every IAS Aspirants Ever Needed 
Our Main Mission is to bring the Affordability in IAS PREPARATION, especially with the times  like Now Where Prices are touching the Sky
Upscexamnotes will Refine and Redefine the Preparation for UPSC Civil Services Examination
Upscexamnotes is an "Abode for an Affordable Success" without Compromising the Quality 


Bring down the cost of IAS preparation to almost nothing and make it affordable to Everyone
We wanna make sure to dream about Civil services is not costly
We wanna help those who want to quit to pursue this dream and You don't have to quit your job to pursue this journey
The success rate in this UPSC IAS journey is 0.1%, and it has been shrinking from a couple of years to even worse like 0.06%
We make sure you don't have to go to big cities to pursue this dream, you can sit back home and follow the timetable and give your attempt (especially girls)
Our main objective in keeping the price very low is no one should regret it once this journey doesn't become fruitful
We wanna bring the cost to nothing, and make every graduate in this country can be able to afford this dream

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