Test Series for UPSC IAS Civil Services Exam offered by Upscexamnotes comes with the Plan called Integrated Mains and prelims Mentorship (IMPM)

Test Series is for both Preliminary and Mains Examination.
Test series schedule will be displayed on the website by 1st August 2022
Upscexamnotes doesn’t believe in the Concept of Preparing for Prelims and Mains separately.
It should go hand in hand

The schedule and Booklist chart will be planned accordingly for both

Preliminary Test Series

Upscexamnotes will prepare a timetable in which daily schedule will be given to Aspirants.
Every Sunday Morning Preliminary Test Series will be conducted to all the IMPM subscribers.
Evaluations as well as Solutions will be updated through blogs at the end of the day
Preliminary & Mains test series will be conducted for a year starting from August 2022

Mains Test Series

Every Sunday Preliminary & Mains Test Series will be conducted to all the IMPM subscribers.
Evaluations as well as Solutions will be updated through blogs by the end of the day
Mains Test Series will be conducted for a Year Starting from august 2022 on Every Sunday
Upscexamnotes will make sure these Test Series will cover every topic of all the subjects both for Mains and Preliminary Examination
All the Necessary book Compilations Will be there in the Website
All you have to do is follow the timetable and read the books
Upscexamnotes will make you ready for the Big Event (UPSC CSE 2023)

IMPM Program Highlights

Integrated Mains & Prelims Mentorship plan will have time span of 1 year
1 Year = 52 Weeks
52 Weeks= 52 Sundays
Total 104 Test series = 52 Mains + 52 Prelims
Under IMPM Plan Aspirants will have Test Series (Prelims& Mains) on every Sunday for complete year
Prelims Test Series will be in the Morning and the Mains Test Series will be on the Afternoon
Both Prelims and Mains Test Series will have same syllabus and the syllabus will be provided to you on each month
NCERT based material will be uploaded according to the timetable
NCERT based approach towards Prelims & Mains Exam is essential because it covers both basics and detailed approach towards any particular topic
In the Year there will be 10 CSAT exams will be conducted, there is no extra fees for CSAT exam
IMPM plan covers General Studies I, II, III, IV (Prelims & Mains), Preliminary, and CSAT (10 Tests)
Holistic approach towards UPSC CSE 2023 is essential, so Upscexamnotes.com is offering aspirants to prepare for both Prelims & Mains in a synchronized way through Integrated Mains & Prelims Mentorship
After every exam your Answer sheet and Prelims scored will be posted to you accordingly

Our Unique features to help Aspirants

Integrated Mains &Prelims Mentorship (IMPM) Subscribed Aspirants can access the books provided by upscexamnotes.com
All General Studies books will be available according to Time-Table prepared by subject experts
Create Notes
  • While Reading a Book, Aspirant can create their snippets or complete notes on any particular topic and can be saved, it will be saved in their profiles and can be edited and downloadable
  • Aspirants can create notes on the Newspapers provided by upscexamnotes on daily basis, if an aspirant prepares notes for one month from a newspaper it will be their current affairs magazine. It can be saved and downloadable from their profiles
  • Aspirants can create their snippets from the Articles provided by upscexamnotes daily
create notes
Create Questions
Aspirants can create Questions on any particular topic while they reading.
It gives a different view for the aspirants to think from an examiner's point of view
It gives an edge to answering the question in the exam
Test Series
upscexamnotes will conduct Prelims& Mains exam every Sunday (52Exams) for a year starting from August 2022
The test series will be on the timetable displayed on the website for that particular month
It gives an edge to answering the question in the exam
Aspirants can ask doubts to tutors (Subject experts) from their profiles through chat
Subject experts will reply in the meantime ASAP
Aspirants who subscribed to the Integrated Mains & Prelims Mentorship (IMPM) plan or Optional Subject Mentorship (OSM) plan will have their own profiles
In profiles, they will have their created notes, Created Questions
They can download it, if they want to add more they can edit the documents
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