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How To Overcome the Failure of IAS Exam

How To Overcome the Failure of IAS Exam?


According to the trusted facts, it has been stated that the UPSC exam which is conducted by the Indian government is one of the most difficult exams to crack. Many students are working very hard whose main goal is to become IAS and serve the country. But still, after a lot of effort, they are not able to clear exams even after a lot of failures. Some students after getting failure might get demotivated but, this is not the end of any story. Rather staying positive and learning from the failure can be a better thing to do. The student can get involved in the best test series for IAS prelims to be well prepared for the exam in the future.


After you are done with the best test series, you can easily go and attempt the final exam. Here are some of the ways that can help the student to overcome failure. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Do comprehensive preparation: Mostly in the UPSC exam, the syllabus is so vast that the students need to be organized right from the start so that they can easily go through the whole syllabus. The student needs to be very smart enough so that they can completely understand the work and how things will flow with time. Make the preparation strategies and emphasis a lot of current affairs.
  • Understanding the questions: If you want to prepare for the UPSC exam, the first thing that you need to do is to pick up the previous year's question papers and know what style of questions are asked in the exam, this way the person can have a better understanding about the level of exam and accordingly start preparing for it. Some students read the question in hurry and they don’t understand it completely. Just be relaxed enough to read and understand the question and accordingly provide the best answers.
  • Know the answer patterns: The way the person attempts all the questions in the exam is very important. For this, the person can take advice from the expert and ask for guidance. Start understanding the requirement of answers in the exam and manage the time so well that you can attempt the whole exam. Doing self-practice will be one of the best ways to practice a make yourself very efficient in attempting questions in exams.
  • Time management: An exam like UPSC can be something that is very lengthy. If you want to attempt the whole exam, time management is one of the most important steps to be successful in this exam. Just calmly read the questions and attempt all of them that you are very sure about, this way the person will be able to focus well on everything in the exam.


Staying calm and positive is a great motivation that can surely help the person to be a success in this exam. For a better understanding of your knowledge for the exam, get yourself into IAS test series. This series will help you to know about strengths and weaknesses.


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