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Why are UPSC articles important and how to read them?

Why are UPSC articles important and how to read them?


Union Public Service Commission, shortly known as UPSC, conducts civil services exams in India for filling various positions. However, it is one of the toughest exams that require more dedication and preparation. A civil service aspirant should give importance to the current trends related to government schemes, national affairs, world events, science, technology, the economy, etc. He/she should read the news article for UPSC exam in the preparation process. This is because the civil services include a general knowledge section in the preliminary exam and general studies papers in the main. Hence, one should study articles regularly to know the latest updates on various things. 


Why are reading articles important for the UPSC exam?

UPSC is a difficult competitive exam that is not possible for students to clear on the first attempt. This is because it requires more effort and time to prepare for the exam. Anyone who doesn’t have any idea about how to prepare for the UPSC exam should seek advice from experts. Moreover, they should read articles from newspapers and other sources that help them gain more advantages. Another thing is that they should understand how to prepare for the exam with more attention that will help clear the exam with the best results. 


UPSC exam covers questions from various topics, and aspirants should know more about them in detail. The preliminary exam consists of a General Studies paper and a civil service aptitude test (CSAT), which includes multiple-choice questions. Moreover, the main exam has 4 General Studies papers, each with 200 marks. Anyone who wants to score more scores in the preliminary and main exams should read newspapers, magazines, and books to enhance their knowledge. 


Reading articles is very important for those who want to clear the UPSC exam because they allow candidates to secure high ranks. Moreover, they play a major role in the preparation process that provides ways to pass the exam without any hassles. A candidate can get more ideas about the exam pattern in detail, which helps prepare notes accordingly. Another thing is that he/she can understand important topics to read and omit unwanted things while writing the exam. However, aspirants should know how to allocate time while reading articles. They should know the categories to read first before appearing for the exam. 


How to read articles for the UPSC exam?

Those willing to prepare articles for the UPSC exam should read daily newspapers that will help them know important things. On the other hand, reading newspapers will take more time, and they should know the syllabus in detail first. They should read only exam-relevant articles and editorials. Some of the topics to focus on include government news, economy, ruling party achievements, economy, science & technology, general knowledge, environment, Indian constitution, etc. 


Some of the topics to avoid while reading a newspaper include sports news, entertainment news, regional news, share market, political party news, etc. Newspapers are the primary sources of information, and one should read them properly to take notes. The editorial section of a newspaper allows candidates to make their opinions and views. It helps in main answer writing and enables an aspirant to note down the positive and negative sides of an issue. A candidate should determine what he/she wants exactly while reading a newspaper. By doing this, he/she can save more time in the preparation process. Candidates should make sure that the notes are crisp and relevant while making notes. 


Where to get UPSC articles? 

UPSC candidates should know how to get articles from different sources for the upcoming exam that will help accomplish goals in the preparation process. The first thing is that they should collect the printed articles of the previous year’s UPSC exams with more attention. This will help get an overall idea of the articles when getting ready for the exam. Collecting printed articles allow candidates to improve their skills significantly. Besides, they will cover only the important topics that help candidates to prepare notes based on them.


Reading UPSC articles online 

Candidates can also read daily articles for UPSC in Delhi online easily. This is because some blogs and websites cover articles based on the UPSC syllabus. They provide only the must-read articles for aspirants from different newspapers. The primary advantage of reading articles online is that it provides ways to identify useful articles for the exam that save time. UPSC aspirants can check them online daily to gather more information on the latest updates and other things. Apart from this, they can avoid reading a physical newspaper when preparing for the UPSC exam. Furthermore, reading articles online enable candidates to reduce handwritten notes. 


Collecting academy articles online

Many UPSC academies allow students to collect articles online by addressing their needs properly. They even update the articles regularly, allowing candidates to take notes on the latest topics. A UPSC academy offers coaching for those who want to succeed in the exam with high success rates. It allows candidates to prepare articles for the UPSC, and they can know various things easily. Besides, an academy will evaluate the requirements of UPSC candidates while preparing for the exam. Most academies provide ways to read articles easily, enabling a candidate to take notes without any difficulties. 


A candidate can get the best articles for UPSC offered by the academies online which helps prepare for the exam efficiently. They let him/her prepare notes from various topics that give methods to gain more advantages. An academy provides all the necessary elements and resources needed for the UPSC exam enabling candidates to plan preparations according to their needs. Those who are not able to read newspapers daily can benefit more from the UPSC articles offered to them. They can fill any gaps in their understanding by reading the articles online. Studying by reading articles also help enhance their skills and other things in the learning process. A candidate can read them anytime on computers or mobile phones with a good internet connection that provides ways to become successful in the exam. 














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