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How to prepare UPSC articles to get good scores?

How to prepare UPSC articles to get good scores?



UPSC civil services exam in India requires proper preparation to score well, and candidates should focus more on how to prepare for the same with attention. Current affairs are an integral part of the UPSC exam, and aspirants should prepare articles to get high ranks. On the other hand, it requires more commitment and other things that help accomplish goals significantly. The best articles for UPSC carry more weightage in the main exam, and aspirants should give more importance to them. They play a key role in four General Study papers while writing the main exam. Therefore, candidates should understand the importance of articles that help prepare for the UPSC accordingly. 


What are the ways to make notes for UPSC articles?


  1. Knowing the resources 

Anyone who wants to prepare UPSC articles should know the resources available for them first in detail. Some of them include newspapers, websites, weekly magazines, monthly magazines, and digital libraries. On the other hand, candidates should know how to use them for their preparation which helps crack the exam with good scores. 

  1. Understanding what to read 

Before starting to prepare for the UPSC civil services exam, candidates should know the latest syllabus. They should read the current affairs on polity, governance, international relations, agriculture, federalism, etc. Aspirants shouldn’t read everything while reading newspapers and other things. It is wise for them to know what to read and what not to read after knowing the syllabus. 

  1. Making notes in own words 

The important step to follow in UPSC exam preparation is making notes, and candidates should highlight them and include valuable information. A candidate should note down the summary of important issues and articles that will help gain more advantages. Furthermore, the notes should be crisp that relate to a topic. Reading editorials are necessary because they provide ways to prepare points accordingly. 

  1. Leveraging online tools to prepare notes 

Candidates should consider leveraging the benefits of online tools because they show ways to save time. Another thing is that they can organize the content depending on the subject, which helps them study lessons with ease. 

  1. Collecting digital study materials 

Collecting digital study materials allow UPSC aspirants to study and revise them quickly, which gives ways to meet exact needs in the preparation process. Apart from this, they let aspirants add or make changes to the notes. 

  1. Reading previous year’s solved papers

Candidates should read solved papers from previous years that will help them gain more ideas in the preparation process. Besides, they should get the article of UPSC in Bangalore online that covers current affairs topics daily. They will help enhance skills and other things significantly. 

  1. Downloading UPSC notes

Candidates can download free article related to UPSC in PDF or other forms which are available on various websites. They make the preparation process easy by addressing the needs of candidates. 

  1. Streamlining the note-making process 

UPSC aspirants should streamline their note-making process because it gives ways to reduce mistakes and other errors. It even helps to prepare for the UPSC exam with high efficiency. 

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