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Why does it rain in southern India in December?
A Simple Introduction about Northeast (NE) Monsoon

The Northeast (NE) monsoon, also known as the retreating monsoon, is a seasonal weather phenomenon that brings rainfall to parts of South Asia, particularly southern India, during the winter months. The Northeast (NE) monsoon plays a crucial role in the climate of southern India, bringing rainfall during the winter months. This seasonal phenomenon is associated with the reversal of surface and lower tropospheric winds, typically beginning in October.


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Significance of the Northeast Monsoon

  • The NE monsoon season, often referred to as the retreating phase of the southwest monsoon, brings essential rainfall to regions such as Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Puducherry, and coastal Andhra Pradesh.
  • Southern India, particularly Tamil Nadu, relies heavily on the NE monsoon for agricultural activities, contributing significantly to rabi cultivation.

Characteristics of the Northeast Monsoon

  • Unlike the southwest monsoon, the NE monsoon is relatively dry, stable, and has a lesser vertical extent.
  • Rainfall during this period occurs on various time scales, ranging from diurnal to synoptic and intra-seasonal to inter-annual.

Impact and Recent Examples

  • Inter-annual variability of NE monsoon rainfall affects agricultural production and water resources in south peninsular India.
  • Recent instances of surplus rainfall, such as in Kanyakumari district, highlight the variability and significance of the NE monsoon.
  • Extreme weather events, including heavy rain and floods, are common during the NE monsoon season, as seen in the Chennai deluge of 2015.


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The NE monsoon, occurring from October to December, contributes significantly to the annual rainfall in southern India. Its variability impacts agricultural output and water resources in the region. Understanding and managing the NE monsoon is crucial for sustainable development and disaster preparedness in southern India.

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