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The relationship between India and Maldives is going through considerable strain. Discuss.
A Simple Introduction about India and Maldives Relations
The relationship between India and the Maldives dates back centuries, with cultural and people-to-people contacts forming a strong foundation. India has been a key partner in the Maldives' development, providing economic and security assistance. The Maldives' location in the Indian Ocean makes it strategically important to India. India has a vested interest in maintaining stability in the region.
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The strain in the India-Maldives relationship has been exacerbated by several recent incidents:

  • Social Media Controversy: A social media dispute erupted after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's posts promoting tourism in the Lakshadweep islands. Maldivian politicians and officials responded with offensive and derogatory comments directed at Indians and PM Modi, escalating the situation.
  • Diplomatic Friction: Diplomatic tensions escalated with controversies surrounding the two Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH), the presence of Indian military personnel in the Maldives, and the termination of agreements allowing India to conduct hydrographic surveys in Maldivian waters.
  • Economic Challenges: The Maldives faces economic challenges, highlighted by a World Bank report in 2022 warning of the need for revenue generation and expenditure reforms to avert a future economic crisis.
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Despite the recent strains in bilateral relations, the ties between India and the Maldives remain significant. Indian tourists continue to be among the top visitors to the Maldives, highlighting the enduring people-to-people connections. However, addressing the diplomatic and economic challenges is crucial to restoring the historical friendship and cooperation between the two nations.

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