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Best Books For Preparing For UPSC And IAS

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) are two of the country's most essential and prestigious exams - not to mention also two of those considered most difficult to crack. While IAS is for administrative services, the UPSC exam is for recruiting employees for all kinds of other exams. USPC and IAS preparation books are often the same or similar. For good reasons, there are a lot of similarities between the two - both are recruitment exams, both are held at the India level centrally, both involve similar subjects, and both are for hiring recruits by the Central government.

Being two of the toughest exams in the country and the world, they can only be cracked with hard work, determination, and, at least, some smart decisions. One of the decisions that have to be smartly taken is the sources of UPSC books and the notes for the exam. Moreover, a lot of aspirants are not financially strong enough to spend lakhs on getting the coaching in traditional manner. Many of them have a day job and want to study in their free time only.

Since several options are available in the market, it is easy to get confused about this score. Fortunately, you aren't the first one to face this problem. And the previous years' experience reveals that UPSC Exam Notes is the ideal source for finding the best books for IAS preparation and the best books for UPSC preparation.

Books Are Your Weapons

Regarding exams like IAS and UPSC, knowledge is your most valuable asset. And not only knowledge but the right kind of knowledge. And nothing matches the power of books when it comes to imparting knowledge. Finding the best books for IAS preparation thus the most crucial step in cleaning these challenging exams.

If you are a student inspired to clear this exam, you must find and read many UPSC books. UPSC Exam Notes is the only place where you can find all the high-quality study material you may need in a single stop,

There will come a time when it will all boil down to your answer sheets. It would be best if you made your answer sheet suitable because otherwise, it will all be for nothing. Only a handful of vacancies are filled with exams like UPSC and IAS. And you have to be able to get counted in that limited number. Reading the best books for IAS preparation is what is going to enable you to do that.

The Advantages Of Using Our Books For Cracking UPSC And IAS

With the UPSC books available by UPSC Exam Notes, you will always find the desired edge for cracking your exams. There are several advantages of preparing for this particular exam with our books. The following are some of the biggest of these advantages of using best books for UPSC offered only by us::

  • All our books are digitally available. It means that as long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection, you can access best books for UPSC and study them at your pleasure. Thus, you can study with them during those long trips on trains or buses or wait while your order arrives in the restaurant and better utilize your time. And you will be able to do this without having to carry heavy hard books with you all the time. It is also one of our key attractions for working aspirants who may want to have a study program that fits around their day job schedule.
  • Our books can help our students cover their basics well. While studying any subject for these crucial exams, the students must clearly understand its basics. With the best books for IAS preparation,, you will have no problem covering the basics.
  • Moreover, over the years of learning through schools and colleges, the students may have developed some study gaps. Our books will help students fill these gaps easily.
  • It is not only about basics or gaps; our IAS and UPSC preparation books will also help students develop an even deeper understanding of their subject. As everyone knows, superficial knowledge of various concepts is no longer enough if the student wishes to clear an exam like UPSC and IAS. It will no longer be the case if you use our books for preparation.
  • Preparing with books provided by UPSC Exam Notes is also an eco-friendly way of preparing for the exam as the students will no longer be buying or using hard books. Moreover, you can also read the newspaper on our website and thus no need to buy a copy of one. No trees will have to be sacrificed in your effort to clear these crucial tests.
  • Our IAS preparation books can also ensure that the students know what information they need to know to clear exams like UPSC and IAS. Thus, there will no longer be the threat that many students face of being caught off-guard.
  • One of the most significant advantages of using our books is their availability cheaply. You can get all the books (and your newspaper) for only a mere thousand Indian national rupees. In contrast, the actual cost of books and other study material can be several times more otherwise. Compared to these advantages, our plans cost very little.
  • Another advantage of using our IAS preparation books is the democratization of study material. Our books are available to everyone across India preparing for exams - in rural regions, in remote corners of the world, and to rich and poor alike. Our study material will thus empower students that may not otherwise have access to such quality resources.

The above advantages alone can convince most students to go for our study material. However, UPSC Exam Notes further provide you with that desired edge.

UPSC Exam Notes - More Than Just Books

When we say that UPSC Exam Notes is the best platform for preparing for exams like IAS and UPSC, we do not mean to limit you to advantages provided by our books only. There are several advantages that, alongside our books, are responsible for ensuring that students taking the help of our resources are managing to crack these exams every year.

Thus, with UPSC Exam Notes, you can more than just read books, including:

  • Take advantage of many free giveaways.
  • Take advantage of many free giveaways.
  • Read your daily newspapers online. It is essential because several questions in these exams relate to current or recent current affairs, and a thorough knowledge of them can go a long way in helping you crack the exam.
  • Find all the information relating to these exams. You can easily access our blog for the purpose even if you haven't bought a package with us.
  • Access a large number of questions. With us, you will never run out of questions. Ever.
  • User daily quizzes to ensure that you keep up with current affairs and other important issues.
  • We are also home to one of the best trained and experienced faculties. Now, you will not want to trust yourself with amateur teachers when you are preparing for these exams. With UPSC Exam Notes, you don't have. You can also go for opt-in mentorship to further strengthen your chances.
  • You can send us questions anytime and have them answered.

In short, UPSC Exam Notes can be your single-stop solution for preparing for central exams like IAS and UPSC. Maybe you are worried about the price still; well, worry not; the next section will tell you how we have you covered there.

Fulfil your dream by spending just Rs.1000/- a year

We are the best-priced service you will find. Most visitors to our website can effortlessly get some benefits of our services like access to articles and blogs (containing valuable information about exams) and the daily ten-question quiz for free. And our packages are inexpensive as well. Our annual subscription fee is less than the amount charged by Amazon for its prime program. With only a thousand rupees, you can access many notes and questions. That's just the cost of our IMPM (Integrated Mains and Prelims Mentorship). And you can claim a refund within fifteen days if you didn't find our services up to the mark. With IMPM, you will have all the tools you need to crack the tough exams like UPSC and IAS.

However, we understand that students need more than just study material. That is why we encourage them to go ahead and opt for our Optional Subject Membership (OSC) as, in this plan; the students can benefit from the guidance, mentorship, and handholding provided by our faculty members, who are well-versed in the various intricacies of these exams. Their experience, knowledge, and wisdom will give you what you need to stand out among other candidates while clearing the exam.

The Perfect Recipe For The Success

Your ambition, commitment, dedication, countless hours of hard work, and our notes, study material, questions, and other services will be the perfect mix. Add the mentorship provided by our faculty, and you will have the recipe for success in exams like IAS and UPSC mains exam and resources like appsc group 1 books, IAS exam preparation books, and UPSC preparation books. Are you ready to start?