Optional Subject Mentorship (OSM) plan is One stop Solution to UPSC Aspirants Optional Subject Quest

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Optional Subject Mentorship (OSM) Will make your Optional Subject Preparation Simple and soothing

Features of Optional Subject Mentorship (OSM)-5000rs

Aspirants who chooses for the OSM Plan will get all the features of Integrated Mains and Prelims Mentorship too
With this Plan Subject Experts (Tutor) will be there to Guide you throughout the Journey of Aspirant
Optional Subject Preparation will not be Complete if you read it from One Source
Here, Subject Expert will make sure Aspirant get the best Subject Notes from all the Sources available
Subject Expert Will do a Research for Best Material and Prepare Notes on every Topic in Optional Subject
While You get Best with Subject Experts with this plan, you’ll also get ready for Preliminary and Mains Examination as well Parallelly
Upscexamnotes offering this Optional Subject Mentorship (OSM) Plan at a Very affordable Cost of 5000rs
If You look at it , it’s not even 500 per month. It’s much cheaper than that. Broadband connection costs more than that Optional Subject Mentorship (OSM) Plan Practically covers all the things that any Institute Provides i.e., Prelims and Mains as well as Optional subject (Which actually costs a Fortune)

No No! wait, it Actually Offers More than any Institute Provides But there’s a Big Difference and that is – AFFORDABILITY

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