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What are the things to follow while reading UPSC books for the main exam?

What are the things to follow while reading UPSC books for the main exam?


UPSC is one of the toughest exams in India, and candidates have to clear the preliminary exam first. Preparing for the UPSC main exam requires more dedication because candidates have to prepare lessons within 3 months after passing the preliminary exam. Moreover, those who are writing the exam for the first time should know how to prepare the lessons from different sources. The books for UPSC beginners in India provide ways to excel in the exam with high scores and ranks. However, they require proper research that will help accomplish goals in the main exam.  


How to read for the UPSC main exam?


  1. NCERT books 

UPSC aspirants should give more importance to NCERT books because they serve as the cornerstone of the preparation process. At the same time, they should know the latest syllabus of UPSC to study subjects based on them. This will help build a solid foundation of knowledge for the exam.   

  1. Choosing books for general studies 

UPSC main exam has 4 general studies papers, and candidates should choose books after knowing the subjects. For instance, General Studies Paper 1 covers some topics, and one should prepare for the same accordingly. They include art and culture, modern Indian history, Indian society, history of the world, geography, and post-independence India. 

The books to choose for GS paper 2 include the Indian constitution, polity, international relations, and governance. UPSC candidates should read agriculture, Indian economy, environment, science technology, and disaster management books for GS paper 3. They should study ethics, integrity, and aptitude books for GS paper 4. 

  1. Reading study materials 

Those who want to prepare for the UPSC exam should study materials prepared by leading academies and training institutes. The best study material for UPSC offered by a training institute will help crack an exam with high efficiency. Besides, the study materials will cover lessons based on the latest syllabus allowing candidates to focus more on their objectives and other things significantly. 

  1. Listing the books of the best authors  

Candidates who want to pass the UPSC main examination should prepare a list of books written by famous authors. They should know the details of recommended or prescribed books from different sources, including toppers and online. This will help a lot to clear the main exam without any hassles. 

  1. Making notes 

Candidates should read the books well to understand the concepts that help them write the UPSC exam efficiently. Also, they should consider highlighting the important points when studying books.  

  1. Preparing a timetable 

A candidate should prepare a timetable while studying books for the UPSC exam that will help secure the best marks. He/she should follow the UPSC guide book online that covers lessons for the preparation process. By doing this, candidates can ensure what they want, which gives ways to pass the exam with good scores. 

  1. Reading previous years question papers 

Candidates should go through the previous year's question papers of UPSC that will help gain more ideas. Moreover, they can study books based on them to clear the exam with the best scores.  

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