Are you gearing up for the UPSC Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) in 2024? Look no further! Our meticulously crafted UPSC CSAT Test Series offers an all-inclusive preparation solution tailored to your needs

Perks of having UPSC Exam Notes with you


  1. 20+ Full-Length Practice Tests: Our test series comprises over 20 full-length mock tests designed to simulate the actual CSAT exam environment. Each test is curated by experts to cover every aspect of the CSAT syllabus outlined in the 2024 notification.

  2. Detailed Syllabus Coverage: We leave no stone unturned in covering the extensive syllabus prescribed by UPSC for the CSAT exam. Our tests meticulously follow the syllabus guidelines mentioned in the official notification, ensuring you're fully prepared for every topic and subtopic.

  3. Comprehensive Study Material: Purchasing our pass grants you access to detailed CSAT notes compiled by subject matter experts. These notes serve as a comprehensive study resource, providing in-depth explanations, tips, and strategies to tackle each section of the exam effectively.

  4. Affordable Pricing Options: We understand the importance of accessibility in quality education. That's why we offer two affordable pricing options for our test series pass:

    • Basic Pass - ₹199/1 Year: Grants access to our extensive test series comprising 20+ mock tests.
    • Premium Pass - ₹299/2 Year: In addition to the test series, includes access to our comprehensive CSAT notes, enriching your preparation experience.
  5. Real-Time Performance Analysis: Track your progress effortlessly with our real-time performance analysis feature. Receive detailed insights into your strengths and weaknesses, enabling targeted improvement strategies.

  6. Flexible Learning: Access our test series and study material anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. Whether you prefer to study on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, our platform adapts to your learning preferences.

Features of UPSC CSAT Mock Test Series 2024

  • 230+ Sectional-Wise tests and 20+ full-length mock tests covering the entire CSAT syllabus
  • Questions designed to match the latest UPSC exam pattern
  • Sharpens your analytical thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning skills
  • Detailed answer explanations to solidify your understanding
  • AI-powered performance analysis to identify areas for improvement

Focus on your strengths, address weaknesses, and develop the skills you need to excel in the CSAT with this valuable test series!


Enrolling in our CSAT Test Series 2024 brings numerous advantages to UPSC aspirants:

  • Familiarity with Exam Pattern: Gain confidence by getting accustomed to the format and structure of the actual CSAT exam, reducing stress and boosting performance on the exam day.
  • Time Management Skills: Sharpen your ability to manage time effectively, a critical skill for navigating the time-bound nature of the CSAT paper during the UPSC exam.
  • Identification of Weaknesses: Pinpoint specific areas of weakness through comprehensive test analysis, allowing you to focus your efforts on improving those aspects of your preparation.
  • Improved Speed and Accuracy: Regular practice with the CSAT test series enhances your speed and accuracy in solving aptitude and reasoning-based questions, essential components of the CSAT paper.
  • Realistic Exam Simulation: Experience a simulated exam environment through our test series, enabling you to familiarize yourself with actual exam conditions and better prepare for the exam day.
  • Feedback and Solutions: Receive detailed performance breakdowns and solutions, guiding you to understand the correct approach to problem-solving and learn from mistakes effectively.
  • Self-Assessment Tool: Regular participation acts as a self-assessment tool, allowing you to gauge your readiness for the actual UPSC exam and adjust your preparation accordingly.
  • Benchmarking Performance: Compare your performance with peers in the test series, providing a benchmark to evaluate your standing and identify areas for improvement.
  • Adaptability to Changes: Stay prepared for any potential changes in the CSAT exam pattern by being part of a dynamic test series that adapts to new developments.
  • Enhanced Confidence: Regularly attempting CSAT mock tests boosts your confidence levels, making you feel more prepared and confident when facing the actual exam.

Enrolling in a CSAT test series is a strategic investment in your UPSC preparation, offering a comprehensive approach to skill refinement, weakness identification, and overall readiness for the Civil Services Aptitude Test.


Terms and Conditions

  • CSAT Prelims Test Series 2024 will remain valid until UPSC Prelims- 2025.  
  • Fees once paid are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.  
  • Any CSAT Mock Test can be attempted Any number of times . 
  • Test series will remain available for according to your Paass that you 
  • UPSCEXAMNOTES.COM reserves all rights to make any changes in test series