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Q. 1

Which of the following countries Supreme Courts is/ are using live streaming their proceedings?

1.     USA

2.     Canada

3.     Brazil

4.     South Africa

5.     Australia

Q. 2

Which of the following High Courts is /are currently Using live stream their proceedings?

1.     Jharkhand

2.     Karnataka

3.     Madhya Pradesh

4.     Orissa

Q. 3
Which of the following is/ are the founding organisations of the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development?
1.     International Telecommunication Union
2.     United Nations Development Programme
3.     United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation
Q. 4
Ghadar Party was established in November 1913 in San Francisco of USA by
1. Lal Har Dayal
2. Madam Bhikaji Cama
3. Sohan Singh Bakhna
4. Shyamji Krishna Verma
Q. 5
The Ilbert bill was related to which of the following
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