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Q. 1

With respect to the latest HDR which of the following statement is/ are true

1.     The global HDI value has declined two years in a row, erasing the gains of the preceding five years.

2.     On three out of all parameters, India was behind the world averages of HDI in 2021.

3.     Switzerland is ranked 1 with a score of 0.962 in HDI

Q. 2

Which of the following is/ are the Government Initiatives Related to Human Development?

    1.     PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana

    2 .     Start-up India

    3.     SHREYAS Scheme

   4.     PMJJBY

   5.     Ayushman Bharat

Q. 3

Which of the following is/ are the indices covered in Human Development Report

    1.     In equality-Adjusted

    2.     Planetary Pressures-Adjusted

    3.     Gender Development

    4.     Gender inequality Index

   5.     Multidimensional poverty

Q. 4

Match the following

          Indicators                                 Sustainable Development Goals

   1.     Life expectancy at birth                      a. 8.5

   2.     Mean years of schooling                    b. 4.3

   3.     GNI per capita                                   c. 4.4

   4.     Expected years of Schooling              d. 3

Q. 5

Consider the following statements

    1.     India’s rank on the Human Development Index is 122 in 2021

    2.     India’s rank on the Gender Inequality Index is 132 in 2021.

Which of the above-mentioned statement (s) is/ are not true?
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